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Sky Earth Co.Ltd, Bangkok, Thailand.

Sky Earth Co. Ltd , a BOI promoted organization , was established in year 2001 with a paid up capital of Baht 5,000,000. The company is professionally managed and involves in manufacturing of Organic Fertilizer. The manufacturing facility is located on the banks of river Noi near Ayuthaya , around 80 Kms north of Bangkok sprawling over 42 Acres of land . The manufacturing capacity of the plant is 40,000 tons per year of Organic fertilizer.

Abundant Business Opportunities

  • Increasing focus an organic farming worldwide is expected to boost the demand for organic fertilizer.
  • International agencies such as Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) are implementing various initiatives for the propagation of organic agriculture.
  • Government of Thailand, propose to bring 100,000 ha under organic cultivation and distribute organic manure at subsidised rate. The company is better placed to supply organic fertilizer at competitive rates in view of large production base.
  • Advent of Free Trade Agreements (FTA) such as SAFTA, ASEAN, etc. is expected to facilitate export of organically grown produces which could increase the demand for organise manure.
  • Growing demand for organic fertilizers in developed countries viz. Australia, Japan, etc.
  • Availability of proven technologies for faster decomposition as well as enrichment.
  • Availability of cheaper alternative raw materials such as press mud, distillery waste, paper mill sludge, etc.

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Production Infrastructure :


    New Site: 22 Acres
    Old Site: 20 Acres


    3 Nos. (2 at the new site & the other at the old site) Capacity: 300 tonnes per shift


    One 3 Ton Ribbon type mixer is available.

Packing line:

    Three packing lines with a capacity to handle 70 tons of powder material per shift.


    Two pellet-making machine with an installed capacity of 5 tons per shift. It is informed that three more machines are being ordered.


    The company has installed a state of the art technology granulation machine with a capacity of 60 tones per shift.

Production process :

Presently, the company uses eucalyptus bark as raw materials. The material is sourced from nearby wood pulp mill. The material is kept in the yard in the open atmosphere for natural degradation. As such, the process does involve a technological intervention to facilitate faster degradation of the bark.

The time taken for decomposition is estimated at 6 months. The degraded material is sieved to remove the un-decomposed materials. The screened material is mixed with some additives such as Monosodium Glutamate (MSG), NPK, etc. as per the customer requirement, and packed in the HDPE woven packs for transportation.

  Sky Earth Organic Fertilizer from bark


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